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Credential Sentry is the first online platform to automate the certified license verification process. We mitigate the risk associated with working with disbarred or suspended professionals while also saving time and money and fostering trustworthy business relationships.

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The Value of Credential Sentry

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Credential Sentry is a <b> low-cost, </b> fully automated solution for occupational and professional license verification that significantly reduces the time, cost, and risk associated with working with suspended experts.

Our software automates the vetting of candidates by analyzing data from third-party websites that host public records for professional licensing. Rest assured that your results are 100 percent accurate, getting instant updates even every 24 hours.

Spend the time and money saved on what matters most: making the best hiring decisions, and ensuring your company's success.

Samantha L. Ayala
Phillip D. Hatcher

"I hire many accountants on a weekly basis as a Human Resources Manager at a well-known financial firm. Credential Sentry's tool simply relieves me of the burden of manually looking up a license by sending me pre-scheduled email updates about every name in my database. It's incredible how simple and convenient the recruitment vetting process has become! Above all, the tool increases my daily productivity, allowing me to save time and focus on more important tasks."

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How it works

Let us handle candidate vetting, so you can focus on growth


Credential Sentry is an automated license lookup service that enables real-time verification of the legitimacy of professional licenses.

The platform brings efficiency to your review of information from third-party websites hosting public professional license records. We automate manual searches, ensuring that all licensing data is of the highest quality and accuracy possible.

Our automated online licensing verification solution facilitates a quick and efficient review of the results and suspension proceedings in selected jurisdictions such as New York, United States, British Columbia, Canada and Ontario, Canada. To view the complete list of available areas in our license database, click here.


Verify the licensing status of a single professional (Single Search) or a group of professionals (Bulk Search).

After registering and choosing the best pricing plan for you, simply upload a CSV file containing a list of the names of the individuals you wish to vet. Our system will perform an automated background check to determine if their license is suspended. The results will be immediately displayed on your dashboard and emailed to you.


Credential Sentry's tool can automatically look up licenses on a pre-set schedule (Dynamic license validation).

This feature is especially beneficial for organizations that collaborate with specialists in regulated fields on a regular basis - such as healthcare professionals, lawyers and social workers - and must regularly confirm the status of their licenses. By using our tool, you won't have to worry about conducting the manual vetting process over and over again. To make things easy for you, we'll simply email you the verification update as often as you specify.

Sit back and relax knowing that all of your contractors' and employees' licenses are being validated on autopilot while you sip your morning coffee!

Your benefits

Professional and occupational licence verification made easy for everyone

Savings for your company's success

Entirely automated, fast, and highly accurate professional license verification service ensures that it becomes a standard practice in your organization, safeguarding your business from reputational and financial losses. Make the most of your time and money savings by investing them in expanding your operations.

Security leading to increased confidence

Access to reliable information about professional licenses provides you with peace of mind that anyone you hire, whether contractors or employees, possesses the necessary credentials. Ensure the safety of your business at all times by avoiding poor hiring and retention decisions that could have a significant impact on the safety, security, and property of others, while also protecting your budget and reputation.

Simplifying time-consuming tasks mitigates pressure and allows you to focus on your business

Establish the most straightforward method of ensuring that your partners and employees always have valid credentials and are not suspended or barred from practicing. There is no need for any technical knowledge or skills - our program will guide you through every step of the process. Configure your preferences in a matter of seconds, and you're all set!

Information accessibility enhances convenience

The user-friendly customer dashboard is available on desktop and mobile devices, allowing you to view and edit your input from anywhere and at any time. The search results are displayed immediately in your client panel and emailed to you.

Enhanced performance with scalability in mind

Our technology reviews new data daily, automatically validating an unlimited number of professional licenses at once. Credential Sentry is here to help you scale, improve team performance, and significantly reduce vetting costs if you are required to run multiple background checks on a regular basis.

Low risk is made even better by low costs

Our team further facilitates financial savings by offering low-cost monthly plans. We offer three different subscription models, each with their own unique set of benefits. Additionally, you can create an entirely customized pricing plan by selecting the features and options that are most important to you.


Accelerating an automated pre-employment license check on your behalf

The industry's first fully automated online platform for professional licensing validation

An automated data analysis provides high efficiency and accuracy

Unlimited daily checks of occupational and professional licenses

Ever-expanding number of jurisdictions and professions

Everyone's favorite tool. It's simple and straightforward, and it works

User-friendly dashboard - we've got you covered even if the names you verify have slight misspellings

Customer-focused team that always meets clients' needs

US-based startup founded by young professionals eager to create tailored solutions that make people's lives easier

Customer service and technical support committed to driving the client's success

Credential Sentry's automated online license verification platform assists companies in forming trustworthy business partnerships as they progress toward success