Seamlessly integrate license verification automation into your workflow

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Market-first Automated Professional License Verification via API

Credential Sentry's API integration enables enterprise clients to easily integrate our solution into their existing systems, eliminating the need for additional software and manual data entry.

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    Unlimited Number of Verification Requests

    Verify an unlimited number of professional licenses at any time.

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    Custom-Built for You

    Unlock the power of fully customizable features to get the ideal solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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    Seamless Integration

    Experience effortless integration with our products - our technology connects seamlessly and quickly to your existing systems, allowing you to be up and running in no time.

Resolving Big Enterprise License Verification Requirements

Enterprise customers can rely on our automated & instantaneous license verification services to meet their requirements. We offer the following features:

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    Multi-Jurisdiction Verifications

    Streamline your workflow and save time by using a single platform to instantly verify professional licenses in every jurisdiction that matters to you.

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    Multi-Occupation Verifications

    Experience a sense of security when you know our multi-occupancy verification system is here to quickly and accurately identify and verify all occupations you hire or collaborate with.

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    Large Volume of Names

    Expedite your processes and boost productivity by verifying a large number of names simultaneously.

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    Your Ever-Changing List of Professionals

    Stay in control and ensure the validity of your employees' and contractors' licenses by allowing our platform to continuously verify your ever-changing list of names.

Automated License Verification Solution for Enterprise Customers

Credential Sentry simplifies credential verification for enterprise users. Our Powerful platform simplifies the verification process with API requests for speedy and streamlined operations. No more time-consuming navigation - let Credential Sentry do the hard work for you.

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Unlocking Legal Excellence in the United States - Verifying Thousands of Lawyer Licenses Every Month

Credential Sentry's customer required a dependable and accurate solution to ensure they were up to date on the licenses of the thousands of lawyers they worked with across the United States. With the list changing every month, they needed an efficient way to update their operations at the end of the month.

Credential Sentry's application programming interface (API) solution expedited and ensured the accuracy of the monthly attorney verification process for this firm. By leveraging Credential Sentry, the app empowered our customer to reallocate time and money to other more important tasks when they put their verification processing on autopilot.

We can manage hundreds of licenses types across countless jurisdictions. Our expert team knows the importance of having correct and up-to-date information available on demand. Our API solution continues to enable our customer in this case study to rapidly and properly validate its lists of legal professionals. We have helped them trim their verification costs by nearly 50% and increased the speed of verifications by nearly 20x. Our API solution has aided this customer's success, and we are committed to continuing to provide the best data verification and management solutions across industries.

Unlock the Power of Automated License Verification

With Credential Sentry, It’s Easier Than Ever Before
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    Simplify Your Verifications: Submit Your Names, Jurisdictions and Occupations via API In Seconds

    Leverage our technology and let our system handle the heavy lifting of data interpretation and result generation.
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    Inform Your Decisions With Real-Time Data

    Save time when our application quickly reverts with license status data
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    Experience Convenience With Our Flexible Pricing Plans

    Value for your money. An affordable solution with pricing that reflects the benefit we deliver.

Unleash the Savings and Efficiency of License Verification Automation with ROBUST API Integration

Credential Sentry is singularly focused on providing a simple automation for the professional license verification process, no matter the customer. Our mission is to remove the hassle, cost and potential for human error that comes with manually monitoring license status. We are proud to provide a streamlined, automated solution to make the process easier.


Automate the license-checking procedure for maximum convenience

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