We bring transparency and trustworthiness into your work relationships

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate transparent, reliable and efficient business partnerships by simplifying access to accurate information on the license status of contractors and employees in regulated sectors.

Credential Sentry Values

This is what binds us as a team


Our company and our actions are built on trust. This is the foundation that we share with the rest of the world through our work, allowing for building better professional relationships and workplace connections.


In both life and business, reliability is essential, and our team takes great pride in sharing this value when working with one another and when serving our clients.


Professionalism is defined by quality and a long-term investment in processes, and it is our commitment to this concept that sets us apart.


Transparency is at the core of everything we do. As a company, we incorporate this vision into our products and customer service each and every day.


We strive to foster as much collaboration and partnership as possible among our team members, stakeholders, partners, and customers. The more cooperatively we work, the greater success we can achieve.


Without innovation, neither people nor businesses can grow. We are progressive thinkers who seek to infuse everything we do with invention and transformation.


We advocate for affordable solutions that enable all businesses, regardless of size, to leverage cutting-edge technologies and accelerate growth.


We are constantly expanding our knowledge in order to share insightful information and educate the market about the latest opportunities available to us.


We are always working to improve our team's skills and abilities in order to keep our minds sharp and to effect beneficial change in the lives of our clients and ourselves.

Our Story

At its core was an aspiration to make a positive difference


Credential Sentry was developed by two lawyers who are responsible for regularly verifying their partners' and opposing counsels' license credentials. Because the only way to validate the records is to compare them manually to third-party data, they decided to develop a service that automates the process, making it simple, fast, scalable, and extremely accurate.


Knowing the ins and outs of hiring licensed professionals, the lawyers comprehend how critical it is to nurture extraordinary business relationships. Apart from streamlining the license verification process, Credential Sentry accomplishes what every business owner hopes for: it improves the overall quality of work connections, allowing for making more informed hiring decisions, and thus building more reliable, trustworthy, transparent, and long-lasting professional relationships.


Whether for the purpose of hiring business contractors or employees, Credential Sentry enables owners and managers to maximize performance while streamlining the licensing verification process for their hires and partners in regulated sectors. We strive to ensure that you work with people you can trust, fostering an environment of openness and integrity in business partnerships.

Protecting yourself and your business from working with suspended or disbarred professionals is a top priority for us. We provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to always work with fully licensed and verified experts in any field.

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