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Validate Accurately

Validate Accurately

Verify credentials accurately, and hire only fully certified professionals - whether contractors or employees - to avoid financial and reputational damage.

Validate Easier

Validate Easier

Automating the verification process for contractors and employees has never been easier: with a few clicks, you can look up current credentials information, screening an unlimited number of names at once.

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Validate Faster

Streamline your professional license search by validating any number of records as many times as you need, saving both time and money while also boosting productivity.

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Customer Stories

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Emily T. Shannon
Phillip D. Hatcher

"Credential Sentry enables me to accomplish things that no other tool can. As a lawyer, I am required to conduct a professional background check whenever I work with another legal practitioner. On an automated basis, I can now obtain information about the license status of each opposing lawyer and lawyer colleague I encounter, which is not only convenient but also cost-effective. I'm no longer concerned about the lengthy license verification procedure. Credential Sentry alleviates my workload, allowing me to focus solely on my responsibilities."

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The world's first and most trusted business license lookup tool to run vetting procedure on autopilot

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Our online license verification software sources data from official third-party websites that maintain public records on every licensed professional in relevant regulated professions. When you use Credential Sentry, you can be confident that you will only ever have access to reliable and verified credential information.

Easy as it sounds

Simply upload the professional's name or a.CSV list to your dashboard, and our credential search system will instantly display relevant information about the professional's licensing status. Every step of the way, we strive to make your life easier by effectively preventing you from doing business with suspended or disbarred professionals in regulated industries.

Helping you scale

Are you required to regularly check the license status of your partners and employees in regulated occupations? We've got your back! Schedule regular license verification updates, and our software will automatically look up for changes and send the results to your inbox as often as you specify. There is no limit to the number of records that can be added to your automated background check.

Target groups

Background screening software for business owners and hiring managers


Do you require the services of a specialist in a regulated field, such as a lawyer, accountant, nurse, or architect?

The professional you hire must be fully licensed in order to avoid financial losses, reputational damage, and other consequences that can result from working with people whose licenses have been suspended. Credential Sentry is here to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you're working with properly credentialed experts and receiving the high-quality work that you expect from a professional service provider. It's never been easier to look up the credentials of a lawyer, accountant, therapist, or even review for a nursing license before signing a contract.


Are you a business, organization, or government agency that hires professionals in accredited industries?

Any company that employs credentialed professionals is responsible for verifying their license status on a regular basis. Depending on your jurisdiction, this could include lawyers, accountants, healthcare professionals, social workers, therapists, and engineers. Credential Sentry relieves your teams of the time-consuming task of manually checking license status. Increase your company's productivity and ensure you're always working with the right people. Avoid reputational and financial damage while promoting time and cost savings.

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Credential Sentry automates license verification, ensuring you work with specialists you can trust



Up to 1 user

Try out our license verification platform for free. We will not ask for your credit card.

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Small businesses and sole proprietorships

Small businesses and sole proprietorships

Up to 1 user

For business owners and teams responsible for regularly validating professional licenses, frequently across jurisdictions.

10 Lists of Names
20 Max Number of Names per List
per month
Medium-size entities

Medium-size entities

Up to 10 users

For business owners and organizations responsible for verifying a large number of licenses in several jurisdictions on a constant basis.

20 Lists of Names
30 Max Number of Names per List
per month


Unlimited users

For business owners and teams that routinely verify the licenses of a large number of licensed professionals.

Possibility to create a custom API
Integration with your existing systems
Contact our business rep to learn about our customized solutions for your company.


Keep up to date with platform news and changes to occupational license requirements in your industry

B.C. Woman Caught Impersonating as a Nurse: The Importance Of Conducting Thorough Professional License Checks

B.C. Woman Caught Impersonating as a Nurse: The Importance Of Conducting Thorough Professional License Checks

Healthcare professionals are highly respected in society for the selfless nature of their service. Nurses in particular tend to be on the frontlines, healing injuries, ensuring constant care, and imparting mental health support; the role of a nurse is indispensable.

Take comfort in the fact that you're working with people who you can trust, making your business thrive

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